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Textile design

The design of a fabric is given by the weave, the touch sensation and the fiber itself.

After a careful study we seek with the utmost coherence and determination the solution that, together with our customer, we have set ourselves to achieve.

Mixing fibers, colors and weaves is an art that our Italian and international partners have been cultivating for a long time and that have been able to evolve and innovate.

The phases of the product design are:


1. Analysis of the existing collection
2. Adaptation of the product to current fashion trends

Theme and color charts

1. Setting the guiding themes of the collection around which the product will be developed.
2. Assignment of existing products to new categories
3. Subdivision of the product by product categories
4. Development of general color chart around which the whole collection will revolve
5. Color assignment for each item

Yarns and blends

1. Analysis and new use of existing yarns
2. Insertion of new types of yarn for the development of the collection
3. Research and development of new blends and titrations according to the new collection.


1. Over time we have acquired know-how on various finishing techniques which give added value and which we consider fundamental for the development of the material. We believe it is necessary to work on experimentation in this field to obtain unconventional results.